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Dolni Disan is a village with population of about 1000 situated in the foothills of Vitacevo Plateau near Negotino. Overspread with warm sun rays, this is an area surrounded with vine plantations. Therefore, it is not surprising that Dolni Disan is associated with a vine growing settlement which  is also the producer of top quality table wines.The inseparable part of the village is AD VENEC, a joint stock company. Following more than half a century of grapes: Afusali, Cardinal and Riber, containing high percent of natural sugar. It is not surprising then that a drop of wine from these grapes inspires special feelings…
[A rich 50 year old tradition, resolved and clear view of the future]

Production of agricultural products (500 ha) with Flour-mill...

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[Venec has relations of cooperation with it’s partners. They have 50 years tradition that point at clear view to future.]

From stocks are maintained cows – farms dairying, sheep-breeding and pig breeding...

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Winter is a critical period in the process of producing outstanding wine in Macedonia. Winter time in the vineyards is maintenance time. With the vast vineyards planted in MACEDONIA, it means that hundreds of thousands of man hours are devoted to the vineyards during the winter months. Pruning, weed treatment, trellising review and watering as necessary are the keys to this years grape production. And, at the same time the winemakers are barrel tasting and carefully checking their maturing wine for quality and maturity.

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