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The Stock Company Venec from the village of Dolni Disan, has a tradition of more years in working and is developed in few directions. Products of grapes: 300 ha of vineyards for production of high-quality wines and quality table’s grape. The inseparable part of the village is AD VENEC, a joint stock company. Following more than half a century of grapes: Afusali, Cardinal and Riber, containing high percent of natural sugar. It is not surprising then that a drop of wine from these grapes inspires special feelings…VENEC also has own winery for producing of red and white wines with capacity of 150.000 litres.


A rich 50 year old tradition, resolved and clear view of the future

The red wines are particularly full with a long-lingering taste. Maturing ina oak barrels gains the wine higher quality within few years. The white wines are dry and elegant with aromas that will appeal to you from the first drop. Their freshness, fruitiness,and flowery aroma linger long in the mouth.

Grape production: 300 ha surface, production of high-quality wine and table grapes. Today the Company continues to achieve the results of the previous decades when the agricultural combine, grown out from the agricultural cooperative, used to produce 6 million of high quality table grape annually.

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