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A rich 50 year old tradition, resolved and clear view of the future;
VENEC also has own winery for producing of red and white wines with capacity of 150.000 litres.Production of agricultural products (500 ha) with Flour-mill.From stocks are maintained cows – farms dairying, sheep-breeding and pig breeding. Venec has relations of cooperation with it’s partners. They have 50 years tradition that point at clear view to future.
Grape production: 300 ha surface, production of high-quality wine and table grapes.

MERLOT quality dry red wine

this wine has dark saturated ruby-red color and a distinctive velvet taste. The black prune predominates young wine aroma, however traces of black wild fruits...

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VRANEC quality dry red wine

quality dry red wine with a very strong color, rich in extract, retaining the aromas of grapes reminding of wood scent and forest fruits. Served at room temperature with red meat, roast pork, smoked meat.

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Cabernet Sauvignon quality dry red wine

wine with dark ruby color and an aroma of ripe wild fruits. This wine is drank by people who prefer strong wines...


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